Frequently asked questions

How do I join?

Fill the membership form. If you have problems with the form, email the board: hallitus [at] mcmoka [dot] fi.

What Mökä?

Hevay metal is the most important thing in the world! Distorted guitars and double bass drums all the way! No other music genre has that kind of power! If you think like this, join Mökä. If you don’t, join anyways and soon you’ll be thinking the right way. Metal Club Mökä is a culture association within Aalto University. Our mission is to promote hevay metal music among the Aalto students and have fun!

What does it cost?

Nothing at all. There are no joining or yearly fees.

What do you acually do?

We listen to metal. We scorch ourselves in sauna. We arrange parties. We use flames of hell to roast dead animal pieces and devour them with passion (that means BBQ). We arrange gigs to bands. We arrange trips to different metal events outside Mökä. We help in the arranging of the Tuska festival. Current events can be found on the events page.

What are the sauna evenings like and can I come if I don’t know anybody?

The normal routine of the sauna evenings includes metal music and voluntary sauna. You can bring your own music, but prepare yourself for the “Mökä mix” – everyone can play their music, but if other people don’t like it they can change it too. Usually songs are allowed to play to the end before changing. Good combo to bring for the sauna evenings is your own drinks, towel and music (but all optional). There will be some free drinks but usually they don’t last very long. There will usually be free food but it usually doesn’t last very long. If you are new, you are of course very welcome! If you are unsure of the location or anything else, just ask the board through email.

Does Mökä sell alcohol in their events?

No. If a gig is arranged in a bar, the bar will of course sell it.

What are the best bands in the world?

Of course Bolt Thrower, Moonsorrow, Immortal and Alestorm. Or almost any else – Mökä members have all kinds of music tastes ranging from all kinds of metal to also genres outside metal.

Are you gloomy child eaters and Satan worshippers dressed in black?

Hell yeah. Just like all country music listeners are self-destructive gun maniacs. In truth, even though metal music has some tendencies to the dark side of things, Metal Club Mökä has no religious or political agendas. Our mission is not to promote dark gods, our mission is to promote metal music. But sometimes it includes (tragi)comical symbols which belong to the genre. And dressing in black is always cool! In Mökä gigs there have been bands that have had satanic views, and there have been bands that have had christian views. Our members also have different religious and non-religious views. We don’t discriminate, and religion has no special place in our events. It is just as good discussion topic as any.

Do you actually want to listen to metal music?

Yes! Metal music is appropriately unappropriate. Just listen to Kouvolan Sanomat. (An article in a Finnish magazine. You can ask someone to translate it if you want to get the joke…)

How many members do you have?

A little over 1000.

How are you organized?

We elect the board yearly. The board does the decision-making and the actual work. They also have some elected officials helping them.

Do you arrange any gigs actually worth seeing?

Dozens of bands have played in Mökä events during our history. You can find a list of those bands here.

How do I benefit by joining? Does it require me to do something?

The membership requires only that you keep your membership information up to date. The membership fee has been zero for the whole of the club’s existence. As a member, you can: come to our sauna evenings (although anyone can come with or without membership), find company in festivals, gigs and bars, subscribe to our email lists where you can e.g. find said company or sell tickets that you have no use for. In addition, if you have paid Aalto university’s membership fee, you have a right to vote in our club meetings.

What if I have a band and want to play in a Mökä event?

Our board does the decisions, so contact us in: hallitus [at] mcmoka [dot] fi. Tell us about your band, for example genre, previous experience, possible releases and if the band has Mökä members. You can bring a demo to a sauna evening or send it to our email or you can post it to address: Metal Club Mökä, pl 69, 02151 Espoo. Don’t be hurt if we can’t arrange a gig right away, we will contact you when we have the need.

Can I join even though I study somewhere else than Aalto or don’t study at all?

Yes. Anyone with interest in metal can join us through the form. If you don’t study in Aalto, the only difference is that you don’t have a right to vote in our club meetings.

Where on Earth is the clubroom / Gorsu / Smökki / Ossin sauna?

In this map (in Finnish) you can see the clubroom (Jämeräntaival 7 A, the first door on the right after main entrance), Gorsu (Jämeräntaival 5 A, basement floor, the door is around the corner when looking from the road Jämeräntaival), Smökki (Jämeräntaival 4) and Ossin sauna (Otakaari 18, entrance behind bus stop Teekkarikylä).

What are the email lists?

Mökä has email lists for the members, which you can subscribe to. Read more on the Contact us page.

Am I subscribed to any of your email lists?

If you haven’t subscribed yourself, no. According to current Aalto university rules, our list must be set up so that members must subscribe to it manually. Subscribing is fortunately rather easy, just follow the instructions here.

What can I do if I have forgotten my password?

You can order a new password on the Membership page.

What registered association? Why? When?

Mökä was a culture association under TKY (AYY nowadays) until the year 2007. The board members had signed contracts for Mökä but were responsible for them personally. This changed after Mökä acquired a status of a registered association. The rules were rewritten to clarify responsibilities and financial policies and to satisfy the demands of the Finnish Patent and Registration office. Mökä remained as a association under TKY after the new rules were accepted. The process was painful as hell, but on 30.10.2007 Mökä got the registered association status.

What is Mökä’s business ID?


Do you offer rehearsal premises or other band services?

No. Mökä has not band premises, instruments, microphones, PA, lights etc. to offer. If you need those, you can contact PELMU (association of live music in Otaniemi).

I owe money to Mökä. How do I pay?

Mökä’s IBAN bank account number is FI20 8020 0710 4128 74 (Danske Bank). Explain yourself in the message box of the transaction.

I want to rent Mökä’s equipment. How and what does it cost?

Mökä can rent you (at least) an aggregate, a video projector (with an optional screen) or loudspeakers. Prices and more info can be found in the rent form (in Finnish).

How I check what information there is about me in the member register?

Contact the board.

I found an error on the page! I have a suggestion to improve things! What do I do?

Contact the board: hallitus [at] mcmoka [dot] fi