Contact Us

If you want to contact Mökä, the best way is to use our board email list:

Mökä has the following collection of communication channels, where you can pick your favorites:

Email lists

You can subscribe or unsubscribe to the email lists using the links below, which direct you to AYY’s email list system. The lists are not anyhow connected to the Mökä member register, so you must join them separately. If you are not sure if you are a member of a list or you are unsure about something, contact the board and ask for help.

The member list ( includes (almost) all the club members. The list is used to announce Mökä events and other matters concerning all members. Only the Mökä board sends email to this list. Recommeneded for all members! Usually only a handful of emails are sent to this list monthly, so your inbox won’t be flooded.

The board list ( consists of Mökä’s board members and officials. This is the number one contact address for Mökä. Contact us if you have questions concerning e.g. Mökä’s activities or how to navigate to events. Answers to frequently asked questions can be found also in the FAQ. This is also the channel to use if you have a band and want to play in a Mökä-arranged gig.

The sports list ( is meant for announcing and discussing Mökä’s sport activities. It is moderated by other people than the other lists. Despite it’s name, it is used to discuss matters concerning also other sports during summertime.


Mökä’s Telegram group is used for event announcements and discussion among members. Contact the board to get a link to the group.


The Facebook page is a channel where only the Mökä board announces events and other club related matters.

The Facebook group is a channel where also other club members can discuss and announce things possibly interesting to the club.


Mökä’s Instagram is the newest channel, and it is used to post for example gig pics, moments of club’s life and latest news.


Mökä has also a channel !mcmoka in the IRCnet network. IRC is not an official info channel, but you can try to spark discussion with some Mökä people who still might use it. Real names are used on the channel, so we hope that also guests have their real name in the realname-field. Behave yourself, if you want to stay on the channel.

Member register

Mökä’s member register is in the Yhdistysavain service, and it is not automatically connected to any other channel. In the system members can edit their member data independently with a password. Via the register the members get once a year a query to update their membership data.