Election sauna

It has been another year and it’s time to elect a new board to Metal Club Mökä. We hold our annual election meeting on friday 24.11. at Gorsu (Jämeräntaival 5), doors open at 18.00 and the meeting starts at 18.15.

Why join the meeting?

  1. You get beer.
  2. You have the opportunity to run for the board and have a say in it’s composition. (Only AYY members have a vote in the election meeting) You can also run for a named role (also outside the board)
  3. You have a chance to get to know the group bureaucracy even if you’re not interested to join the board this year.
    What does the board do?The board organizes all Mökä activitiesand maintains the Otaniemi metal culture. The board plans, organizes and decides about all club events. The board makes sure that there is loud metal in Otaniemi and people will also in the future complain that they can’t hear light music live performers when there’s black metal playing on Mökä’s checkpoint. The board makes sure that madness shall be never stopped and kohta ollaan taas vetämässä.

What does the chairman do?

The chairman calls the board and club meetings and leads the conversation. Additionally it is the chariman’s job to represent the club in our own and in other clubs’ events. The chairman has to be AYY member.

What does the secretary do?

The secretary keeps book on board meetings and makes sure they’re archived appropriately.

What does the treasurer do?

The club treasurer takes care of the club’s bank account and makes an account statement in the annual meeting. The treasurer keeps the board up to date with the financial situation while making decisions.

TLDR: come to meeting, you get beer.